Level up your Product Owner Skills!

“The mark of a great man is one who knows when to set aside the important things in order to accomplish the vital ones.”
― Brandon Sanderson

Get a prioritized backlog today!

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Book chapters

1. Before You Start

Know what you need before you start prioritizing. You get many tips that will make your work as a product owner easier and lead you to a backlog prioritized for success.

2. Absolute versus Relative Priorities

Know why you should use relative priorities. Learn the difference. Prepare yourself to avoid the pitfalls of absolute prioritization.

3. Calculating Business Value

Learn multiple ways to calculate business value. You will also get tipps how to cope with multi-dimensional business metrics and how to aggregate them.

4. Prioritize Methodically

Be able to use multiple methods to prioritize stories. You will learn how to prioritize alone and with your team.

5. Handle Bugs and Admin Tasks

Know how to handle these tasks that don't fit into a nice business value framework. They still have to be tackled without blocking your team.

6. Tools

Analog and digital tools to help you in prioritizing your backlog. You will find a list of tools as well as tipps how to use them.

Why this book?

Too much energy goes to waste, because great ideas don't come to life due to inefficient processes. Teams waste their motivation in endless meetings, product owners fight with details instead of pursuing a grand vision. And everyone seems to believe it had to be that way. It doesn't! Better ways exist and they work in practice.


About the author.

Matthias Orgler is an agile coach and Scrum professional with more than 20 years of experience in software development projects.

For international companies and startups alike he ensures that ideas earn revenue and become a market success. From scouting innovations in Silicon Valley he got a feeling for business models and markets. He has advised international companies large and small and applied a broad variety of methods that turn ideas into successful businesses.